Declassified (Star Trek: Vanguard, #6)

Declassified (Star Trek: Vanguard, #6)

ISBN: 1451606915

ISBN 13: 9781451606911

Publication Date: June 28, 2011

Publisher: Pocket Books

Pages: 389

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Authors: David Mack, Marco Palmieri, Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore

3.96 of 249

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The Taurus Reach: the source of a secret that has driven the great powers of the 23rd century to risk everything in the race to control it. Now four new adventures--previously untold tales of the past and present, with hints of what is yet to come--begin the next great phase in the "Vanguard "saga. Witness the dawn of Starbase 47, as Ambassador Jetanien faces choices that will shape the future of Operation Vanguard . . . follow journalist Tim Pennington as he reaches a crossroads in his search for the truth...see how the crises on two colonies transform the lives of Diego Reyes and Rana Desai...and travel with Cervantes Quinn to a deadly confrontation that will change everything--all in one unforgettable "Star Trek "collection.

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